HIPP medical AG was founded as a public holding company in 2008 by the chairman Markus Hipp.
Here Markus Hipp fell back on his experience gained in Hipp Präzisionstechnik, which he had already founded back in 1994, in the field of prototypes, constructions as well as implants and instruments.
HIPP Präzisionstechnik GmbH & Co. KG manufactures for the automobile industry, aviation, medical technology as well as machinery and plant engineering.


HIPP medical produces cutting tools under the premise that it always manufactures patient-friendly instruments, and in this regard HIPP medical resorts to its many years of experience.
HIPP medical stands for continual optimisation, open and constructive cooperation, as well as consultation and customer satisfaction.

In the manufacturing field, HIPP medical AG, being an O.E.M. external supplier for leading medical technology companies, has invested completely in new machines and plants. The company thus distinguishes itself with highest-quality manufacturing technology.

Apart from prototyping as well as the manufacture of customer specific components and instruments, this company from Kolbingen has primarily specialised in cutting tools such as bone drills, taps and bone cutters.

HIPP medical can offer tailor-made products, manufactured in accordance with customer wishes, in addition to a standard programme available from stock.

Not only does HIPP medical AG manufacture, it also conducts tests for its customers, using finest sensor technology and the best possible geometries on the drilling tools for orthopaedics.

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Surgical Saw Blades
Hudson Drills
Custom-Made Products
Dental Drills
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Custom-Made Products