Implant Drill / Dental Drills

HIPP medical dental drilling tools can be found in numerous sets of well-known customers.

HIPP medical tools are characterised by their excellent cutting performance.
The high centring precision and easy-guiding drills are smooth running (low-vibration) and cut with significantly reduced heat generation.
The dental drills allow filigree and controlled working.
With this pre-condition you can attain highest precision results that are gentle on patients.

We offer you high-quality work materials made of steel as well as dental drills with ceramic colour coding.

The deployment of the tools starts with the dental pilot drill and dental gimlet, as well as the center drill for first drilling operations in implant dentistry.

For further machining, a number of different dental step drills or dental spiral countersinks are used.

We also offer additional drills in the dental sector:

  • dental drills with colour coding
  • dental milling cutters
  • dental implant drills
  • dental basal cutters
  • dental center drills

The dental spiral countersink is manufactured with a cylindrical working end, conical shank as well as a dental step drill.
For bone milling, HIPP manufactures dental mills that can be utilised for countersinking but also for face milling.

For explanting, HIPP manufactures high-quality trephine drills.

HIPP medical has its own design development of implant drills, milling machines and tools.

Utilise the experience of HIPP in the optimisation of your cutting tools or with new developments.

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