As of July 2013, Hipp will be packing its bone-machining instruments such as orthopaedic saw blades, bone drills, cutting tools and medical instruments in a newly equipped class 5 cleanroom.
For its sterile saw blades or sterile packed orthopaedic drills, Hipp cooperates with an external service provider and can offer you the following:

  • sterile orthopaedic instruments and medical products
  • sterile implant drill, dental drills, dental milling and dental superstructures
  • sterile orthopaedic saw blades with connections such as Aesculap, Stryker, 3 M, Linvatec, Synthes etc.
  • all types of sterile cutting instruments
  • sterile distraction screw (e.g. Kaspar distraction screw)
  • sterile flexible intra-medullary reamers
  • sterile drill wires ( e.g. drill wires for cruciate ligament plastics)

Dental ratchet

The ratchet operates on the “Archimedean spiral” principle, which enables the transmission of rotational torque. The ratchet is already successfully used in the dental field and can also be deployed in many other areas in the field of medical technology, where rotational torque is to be transmitted by adapting the “Archimedean spiral”.

The intuitive handling of the ratchet is particularly characterised by its outstanding tactile feedback for the user. The changeover between “clockwise and anti-clockwise motion” ensues by simply turning the ratchet around.

The one-part design guarantees the best-possible cleaning results in clinical processing and safely prevents malfunctioning owing to wear and/or lacking individual parts due to disassembly.

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