Bone Cutter / Round Burs

HIPP medical manufactures hard metal instruments for minimally invasive surgery performed on the jawbone and soft tissue.

The sharp cutting edges allow precise and safe work with low contact pressing force.
Should this be required, we can upgrade the instruments with a titanium nitride coating, resulting in less heat generation and faster wound healing.
HIPP medical offers rose reamer cutters, diamond milling cutters as well as Lindemann cutters in a number of different diameters and lengths.

Hipp medical provides the rose reamer cutters with a Hilan connection, Microline connection and Ansbach connection. Equally, Hipp medical provides a number of different craniotomy cutters.
The round burs are primarily used as round burs for ENT and round burs in the field of neurosurgery.

In addition, we also deliver round burs with diamond coating and round burs made of hard metal.

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