HIPP medical manufactures bone taps at the highest level.

HIPP medical manufactures these orthopaedic bone drilling tools individually, in accordance with customers’ requirements.
The tap for bone tapping can be manufactured with a diameter of 1.0 to 20 mm, according to your needs.

HIPP medical manufactures multi-point orthopaedic taps.

We provide orthopaedic taps with deep hole drilling, i.e. a cannulated tap of 0.5 mm to 10 mm.
The most frequently manufactured taps are taps with Kortikalis threads and cancellous bone thread.

HIPP medical manufactures standard connections to bone taps.

These are:
  • taps with AO connection
  • taps with Hudson connection
  • taps with hexagon connection
  • taps with triangular connection
  • taps with dental connection
  • taps with Stryker connection
  • taps with Synthes connection
  • orthopaedic taps with cancellous bone threads
  • orthopaedic taps with Kortikalis threads
  • all kinds of medical taps

All bone working tools can be made with different colour codings.

In this regard, we recommend bone working tools with ceramic colour coding rings.

HIPP medical is one of only a hand-full of manufacturers able to test the position of the tap and die with regard to performance, sharpness and exertion of force during the cutting process.

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