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In 1993 Markus Hipp concerned himself with prototypes and designs for medical implants and instruments. He founded Hipp Precision Technology in the center of German medical technology, located in the county of Tuttlingen. The company actually started out on a very small scale in a private house and then continued to develop into an ever stronger partner in the industry, providing intensive services and employing more than 200 people. Further industries such as the aerospace and automotive industries as well as high-tech sectors such as machine and plant construction soon came into the picture.


In order to consistently adhere to the special standards in medical technology with its wide array of services, HIPP medical AG was founded in 2008 with Markus Hipp as its managing director. A further cornerstone for solid growth was laid in 2019 when the Swiss affiliated company Kontivia joined the HIPP Technology Group. As the company's largest single stockholder, Markus Hipp has remained CEO and he can therefore carry out plans for further growth in a variety of ways, relying on new capital. Two other companys also belong to the company group alongside HIPP medial AG, namely HIPP Precision Technology GmbH and Nikotec GmbH. Sophisticated medical companies from around the world looking for a highly flexible manufacturer with extensive, high quality service find their way to Kolbingen.




An inhouse design department, a clean room facility, automated measuring technology, and component mounting are just some of the things that make HIPP medial AG stand out.  The most modern manufacturing methods and up to 100% quality control are understood.  Even an entire set of instruments for orthopedics has been tailor-made to customer specifications and delivered ready for sale.  Trust, discretion, and honesty are central to long-lasting partnerships.  Over the course of constructive cooperation, you will discover how important knowledgeable consulting is, in order to meet the needs of those responsible for hospitals, clinics and operating rooms.

You need more?  Then expect more! 



The constant monitoring of all processes, our seamless quality management system, and our professional final quality checks guarantee the desired quality.  You will obtain proof of the necessary quality with specific documentation.  We are constantly investing in further professional development for our employees.

The exact financial planning in connection with our firm organization and our powerful production methods allow us to provide our customers with the best value for money.  Our quality management system is your mark of quality.  We conform to the international quality standard DIN EN ISO 13485 and meet the requirements for the

EG-guideline 93/42/EWG Appendix II.  

In addition, our QM system meets the requirements of the FDA 21 CFR 820 Quality System Regulation.

We produce your parts in the exact quality that you need.

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Helping others forms the basis of all of our operations as a company in the medical technology sector.


Having a strong social presence in local areas and other regions is something we require of ourselves. Clubs have added a lot to our community.  We are active in supporting sports and music clubs in Kolbingen, ASV Nendingen, and the Dürbheim Wrestling Club.  Above and beyond that, we donate money to needy people who have ended up in horrible situations through no fault of their own.  We foster children in Ethiopia, giving children in Africa the chance to have a proper upbringing and get an education.




We have an emergency hotline and an email address for use in emergency situations occurring after hours.  Please use these communication channels only if a situation involving one of our products requires immediate attention.  


Emergency Hotline:

+49 74 63-99 51 67 56

Emergency E-Mail:

Please explain the situation in detail and provide us with your name, address, and telephone number.

We will respond asap.


The HIPP Technology Group is constantly offering interesting jobs in a dynamic environment.  We are looking for responsible team players for the most diverse areas within our individual company branches.  Please take a look at our current job postings, and we might just be welcoming you to our team very soon!


We look forward to hearing from you!

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